• October, 07. 2015
  • Steve.Nickerson

my name is steven w. nickerson, sr. i am a born-again christian, a family man, and a patriot/veteran. i have been married to my wife, sherrie, for 31 years, and together, we have given life to (9) beautiful children.

i have over (25) years experience in the computer information technology field. i served in the air force stationed at the pentagon for 3.5 years, the nsa for 3.5 years, and offut afb (air force base) for (2) years for the nro (national reconnaisance office).

After being introduced to computer repair, services, and operations in the Air Force, working with computers became second nature to me. I have been repairing and maintaining computers ever since. I brought my first computer home in 1983 and from that time forward, computers became a well-loved hobby for me. I also maintained computers as an IT technician at the University of Nebraska Medical Center and Ebay for a time.

After getting out of the Air Force in 1992 and after trying several odd jobs, I continued working with computers, and it was suggested to me that I should consider starting my own business repairing computers and providing services to homeowners. I saw a need in that market and I knew I could meet that need both professionally and with a personal touch.

In 2003, family-owned AFFORDABLE COMPUTER REPAIR was begun. I wanted to establish a business built on integrity, affordability, Christian family values, and superior customer service, and so it began.

At first, we operated the business part-time out of our home on the Highway, just West of Oakland, Nebraska. Then in 2005, I bought my first commercial property in small-town Oakland, and there the business began to grow.

From that time on, AFFORDABLE COMPUTER REPAIR became our family’s livelihood. Our business did well in Oakland, but we needed a larger customer base to support our growing family. We then decided to open a shop in Bellevue where we could serve the larger military community and surrounding area with whom we shared a similar background and interests.

From there our business blossomed and we opened other stores in hopes of making our services available and convenient to even more people. We still consider our Bellevue shop our home base of business, but we want to become the Omaha area’s first choice for computer repair and services in the future. As our business has grown, we have needed to add other professionals to our ACR family, but we still stress the necessity of conducting business with a personal touch as well as integrity and efficiency.

  • 1 Providing AFFORDABLE Computer services and repair to homeowners and small businesses:

    Our rates are fair and our service is unrivaled. We enjoy helping our customers to understand how their computer works and what they can do to keep it running smoothly. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. We are here to serve you.
  • 2 Providing QUALITY repair and services to homeowners and small businesses:

    I GUARANTEE all my work. I give everyone 30 days from the time they pick up their computer to check it out and let me know if there are further problems. As long as the problem is related to the original reason the computer was brought in, I will not require further labor charges for repair or services concerning the original problem.

NOTE: Due to the nature of viruses and adware, it has not been possible in the past to guarantee that a computer will not get reinfected in a short time, requiring further maintenance and incurring further costs, but THAT HAS CHANGED.

We now offer a new program called H.O.M.E-IT that provides a continuous stress-free guarantee of freedom from the inconvenience of viruses and harmful adware and malware for as little as $15 a month. It pairs Bit Defender antivirus with unlimited virus removal and managed updates and patches courtesy of ACR that will eliminate the frustrations of owning and operating a home or small business computer. We will make sure your computing experience remains one of ease, excitement, and exploration, instead of frustration, fear, and financial hardship.

In an effort to COMPLETELY remove tech stress from your life, we will also soon be offering TECHNOLOGY TRAINING CLASSES. These classes will cover such topics as Introduction to Windows 7, 8.1, and 10 and an Introduction to Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point, and Outlook. We will have special sessions that focus on things like email and webmail and there will also be an option to book private tutoring sessions with a technician if the classroom environment is not for you.