H.O.M.E-IT Features

AV Defender
AV Defender

comprehensive and powerful protection from viruses and malware

Hardware Guard
Hardware Guard

early warning of hardware threatening issues so you don't lose what's important to you

Software Updates
Software Updates

software updates and patching so you never have to worry about clicking the wrong thing again

Parental Controls
Parental Controls

keep your kids and loved ones safe while on the internet

Virus Free Guarantee
Virus Free Guarantee

you will never pay for another virus removal again!

Live Support
Live Support

members get monthly live tech support either by phone or remotely

How Much is H.O.M.E-IT

We polled over 100 customers in 2015 and asked what would be a fair price for everything that HOME-IT offers. The most common answer was $20 a month.

We checked out our competitors and saw they were charging anywhere from $20 up to $35 a month for the same or even less services than we offer.

We decided as a company that we could provide the best service to our customers, and a fair wage to our staff while only charging $18 monthly.

Here's the breakdown:
  • One-time purchase of AV Defender license - $40
  • Monthly cost to completely protect your PC - $18
Have more than one PC you want to protect? No Problem, check out the family plans below
3 PC's:
  • One-time purchase of 3 AV Defender licenses - $100 ($20 Off)
  • Monthly cost to completely protect 3 PC's - $50 (Save $48)
4 PC's:
  • One-time purchase of 4 AV Defender licenses - $120 ($40 Off)
  • Monthly cost to completely protect 4 PC's - $65 (Save $84)

Each additional AV Defender license is only a one time cost of $20 each, and protection for each additional computer is only an additional $15 monthly each.

Have a small business? Contact us to find out about our business plans.

Payment Options

You must purhcase a subscription option from below, as well as an activation for AV Defender. The order in which you purchase does not matter. The installer will become available after making your first payment. To avoid delays in activation, kindly use the same paypal account for both purchases.

You can either subscribe to H.O.M.E-IT and purchase the activation for AV Defender, or you can subscribe to H.O.M.E-IT with Unlimited Backups for each machine, as well as purchase the activation for AV Defender. Each additional computer is $5 for unlimited backups.

HomeIT Subscription Prices
HomeIT Subscriptions With Unlimited Backups
HomeIT AV Defender License

the downloader will become available once you've made your payments.

Not Ready For H.O.M.E-IT?

Maybe you already have some other antivirus solution, or are quite comfortable with keeping your computer(s) in tip-top shape. In that case, we would like to encourage you to at least consider some type of backup solution to protect your data in the event something goes horribly wrong.

From simple to sophisticated, we have a Carbonite solution for you.

We've partnered with Carbonite to keep businesses running smoothly. Whether it's computer protection, server backup or both, you can easily find the solution that meets your needs. Click here to go straight to our partner referral page, or continue reading below for more information.

Carbonite Referral
Office Plans - Computers, databases, and live applications

Cloud backup for an unlimited number of computers. Hybrid local & cloud backup for servers. Supports HIPAA, FERPA and GLBA compliance.

Personal Plans - Individual Computers

Affordable cloud backup for families and home-based professionals looking to protect individual computers.